Can I coat a new bare deck?

Can I coat a new bare deck?

There’s nothing like a newly laid deck. Fresh timber ready to be relaxed on, enjoyed by the family, and used time and time again. The key to giving your deck a long, good-looking life? You need to coat with an oil or stain to protect it, but before that you need to strip the timber of tannins and oils, so any coating you apply will look smooth, even and last well. If wood isn’t stripped of tannins, it can look patchy and discoloured when coated, especially on timbers such as merbau, spotted gum and jarrah.

How do I weather my deck?

Weathering is the process of stripping oils and tannins from timber. It can be done naturally, by leaving the timber exposed to the elements for four to six weeks. Or, you can use Cabot’s New Timber Prep. This actively draws out tannins and oils from timber, so you can coat your deck immediately - and get on with living on it.

1.Shake contents of Cabot’s New Timber Prep, and apply generously, undiluted, to the timber. The product is very slippery so take care when walking on the treated surface.
2.Leave on the deck for 10-15 minutes.
3.Do not allow New Timber Prep to dry on the surface. If needed, apply more to keep the timber damp during this time.
4. Scrub the whole surface with Cabot’s Deck Prep brush. Do not use a wire brush.
5. Rinse off timber surface with a hose or power washer on the lowest setting to avoid damaging the timber. Ensure all the product is rinsed off to prevent timber discolouration.
6. While timber is still damp, clean with Cabot’s Deck Clean.
7. Coat your deck with an oil or stain of your choice, without waiting any longer.
8. Enjoy your deck immediately.

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