How should I maintain my deck?

How should I maintain my deck?

Your deck works hard. Kids. Beating sun. Driving rain. It’s no wonder it needs a bit of TLC sometimes. Cracking, splitting, greying, or water no longer beading on top of the deck are all signs of water and UV damage, and means your deck needs some maintenance. To stop further damage, you’ll need to apply more oil or stain, but before that, you need to clean and prep the deck so it’s in the best possible shape.

1.Scrub the deck with Cabot’s Deck Clean. This will open the pores of the deck and scrub away any dirt or debris from the wood.

2.Let the deck dry out fully.

3.Apply two coats of oil or stain to the whole deck.

Only part of my deck looks damaged. How should I treat it?

If your deck is partially covered this can cause uneven exposure to UV and rain, making it look patchy, or as though it’s different colours. To bring back a smooth even look, scrub the whole deck with Cabot’s Deck Clean. Let it dry fully before applying two coats of oil or stain to the damaged areas. Allow to dry, then apply one coat of oil or stain across the whole deck. This will even out colour and tone, making your deck look uniform again.

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