How to refresh your outdoor area?

How to refresh your outdoor area

Decks and outdoor furniture work hard. Long hot days. Driving rain. Endless footy and sibling fights. It’s no wonder your outdoor space needs a bit of TLC now and again. Here’s how to bring a new lease of life to the extra room in your house.

Refresh the deck

If your deck is looking faded or tired, Cabot’s Deck & Exterior stain can help. Its high pigmentation takes just one re-stain to return your deck to its original colour, and its high UV protection means you’ll protect the deck for another season. Applying a darker stain to a light wood such as pine can make timber look expensive.

Tackle tired exteriors

Fill cracks or holes in timber, and scrape off loose or flaking paint off any painted surfaces, before sanding them back. Fill visible holes in bricks or concrete with grouting cement, then use water and a stiff brush to remove all loose material and improve the look of surfaces. To get rid of white salts on exterior walls, wipe down with a five per cent solution of white vinegar, before hosing with water and allowing to dry. Before painting, use a bleach solution, to prevent any existing mould or moss becoming embedded in the material. Protect timber, masonry, brickwork and concrete from cold weather and dirt with Cabot’s Timbercolour Deck & Exterior Paint. It’s an acrylic, self-priming exterior paint, designed to provide exceptional durability, nourish timber and provide dirt and stain resistance.

Protect outdoor furniture

Nobody wants to sit on cracked, splintered or damp wood. Good-looking and functional garden furniture not only looks great, but means you’re more likely to regularly use your outdoor space.

Protect outdoor timber from mould, dirt and water with Cabot’s Garden Furniture Oil which gives furniture a natural finish while keeping it protected from the elements. Add a cushion, put your feet up, and relax.

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