What should I do with old or leftover products?

What should I do with old or leftover products?

Ahh, the shed. The haven at the bottom of the garden, where you can while away the hours…

Or, a dumping ground for old, half-used products and rusty tools. Sounds familiar? Although it’s wise to keep some varnishes, stains and paints on hand for touch-ups, most products can deteriorate over time, meaning you’re probably overdue a clean out.

Thanks to industry initiative, Paintback, you can dispose safely and responsibly of old supplies. The scheme is designed to reduce the amount of paint products and packaging that end up in landfill while helping you dispose responsibly of waste paint or products.

The not-for-profit organisation accepts a range of products, including interior and exterior paint, deck coatings, stains and varnishes. After they’ve been collected, products are separated into packaging, and waste liquid, and containers are recycled.

How to get rid of your old products responsibly:

1.Collect the products you want to get rid of

2. Visit Paintback, enter your postcode and find your nearest drop off point

3. Drop off your waste paint at your preferred collection point. There is a maximum of 100 litres per visit, stowed in containers of no more than 20 litres.

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