Why do I have white rings on my deck?

Why do I have white rings on my deck?

Your deck is designed to be tough. Sunscreen splotches and drink spillages are all part of its life (and yours) and can be wiped away as quickly as they appear. But strong sun and humid weather can create white water rings on parts of a deck. Heat can cause the pores of the timber to open up, trapping moisture underneath the coating of the wood, causing a cloudy, white mark.

How do I get rid of white heat rings?

With no problem and no product. The easiest way to get rid of heat rings is to use a hairdryer to draw out the moisture. Keep it on a low-heat, and move it around the damaged area. As the coating gets warm and the moisture starts to evaporate, the white marks should start to disappear.

If the timber is fully cured, lightly wipe the damaged area with a clean cloth soaked in methylated spirits. The methylated spirits should draw the moisture out from the coating. Remember, being gentle is key; rub too hard and you might damage the coating.

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