Why do I have white spots on my freshly coated deck?

Why do I have white spots on my freshly coated deck?

If you’ve just spent a few precious hours re-coating your deck, only to notice white spots emerging, don’t worry. The good news: t is normal before a deck is fully cured. The even better : you can sit back and let the sun fix it, without lifting a finger.

White spots can appear on water-based coatings when they come in to contact with moisture before they are fully cured. After a few days of sun exposure, the spots should dry out and fade, leaving no trace of anything but your handywork.

If the stains haven’t faded after a couple of weeks, and you want to have your deck looking picture-perfect, simply scrub them with Cabot’s Deck Clean to remove any residue from rain or other water. When the deck is fully cured, the stains will stop appearing. Too easy.


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