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Woodcare, decking, oils and stains: Cabot’s is here to help
When it comes to woodcare, Cabot’s is here to help.
From advice on which woodcare oil to choose, or how to stain your deck properly, we’re here with tips to inspire and guide you through your project.
With step-by-step guides and how-to videos, our experts are on hand to help make your life as easy as possible. Whether you’re coating interior or exterior timber, treating old or new wood, or simply need some help choosing the right product, our trusted experts can help you every step of the way.
Because we believe there’s nothing like doing a job properly.

Cabot’s Stains
Our interior and exterior stains are designed to transform, restore and rejuvenate your timber. Extremely durable and with a high level of UV protection, they’re ideal for changing the colour of light-coloured timber such as pine or cypress. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes, our oil and water-based coatings are designed to keep your timber looking great for longer.

Cabot’s Woodcare Oils
Our woodcare oils nourish and protect your timber. Suitable for both interior and exterior wood, from interior trims and flooring to outdoor furniture and decking, our range comes in a variety of finishes. Choose from fast-drying, low-odour, water-based oils that enhance the natural look of your timber, or traditional oil-based oils that protect against water, penetrate the timber’s pores and leave a warm, rich look.

Cabot’s Decking
A well-maintained deck is the perfect spot for playing on and relaxing on. Our extensive range of deck care products and specially designed deck care tools will make looking after your deck as quick and easy as possible. Help prevent timber from aging, and keep it clean, smooth and protected with our simple three-step deck care system; exfoliate, nourish, protect. Job done.