It’s due to rain. Should I coat my deck?

It’s due to rain. Should I coat my deck?

No. I rain is forecast, it’s worth holding off treating your deck until you know it’s going to be dry for a few days. Stains and oils penetrate wood best when it’s cool and dry. If it rains within 48 hours of applying a treatment, the water will soak into the wood, and try and displace the stain. This can cause a blotchy, flaky look, rather than a smooth, even, coat. If it rains immediately after you’ve stained the wood, the stain will peel and flake off.

It rained when it wasn’t supposed to! Now what should I do?

Once he rain has stopped, hose down the deck, then coat it with Cabot’s Deck Clean while it’s still damp. This will remove any dirt or debris brought in by the rain. Then, wait for it to dry before applying a second and third coat.

Can I coat my deck when it’s really hot?

No. The same rules apply; it’s best to wait until your deck is cool to coat it, as that’s when stains and oils penetrate it best. Don’t coat your deck if it’s under the beating sun; either wait for an overcast day or until the sun isn’t directly on the wood. If the deck feels hot to touch, wait for it to cool down before you attempt to coat it.


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