Cabot's Danish Oil

Give your furniture the TLC it craves with Cabot's Danish Oil. This deeply nourishing, penetrating oil is suitable for all interior furniture, doors, windows and trim. The oil penetrates to provide a protective natural matte finish to bring out the best in your wood grain. Apply a second coat for even greater lustre.
  • Turps Wash Up
  • Areas
    Doors, Furniture, Trim, Windows
  • Clean Up
  • Sizes
    500ML, 1L, 4L
  • Sheen
  • Coverage
    10 M2/L
  • Recoat Time
    8 Hours
  • Material Data Sheet

Note: Fill nail holes, cracks and other defects with Cabot's Wood Tone Putty after applying the first coat of this product for accurate colour matching. Remove stains, dirt, wax, grease and oil with mineral turpentine. Remove any polish with a suitable polish remover.

NOTE: Previously coated interior timber with highly visible scratches, imperfections or surfaces that are severely worn must be sanded prior to coating.

Bare Timber

Sand the surface smooth using 180 - 240 grit sandpaper. Sand only in the direction of the grain. Remove all traces of sanding dust.

Previously Coated Timber

Remove back to bare timber using a paint stripper or sanding. Remove all traces of sanding dust.


Note: Do not shake can.

1. Stir thoroughly with a broad flat paddle before and during use.

2. Apply a full even coat with a brush, roller or rag.

3. Allow to dry for 8 hours.

4. Lightly sand between coats with 240 grit paper. Remove all traces of sanding dust.

5. Apply a 2nd coat as above.

Note - For a higher sheen, apply further coats of Danish Oil as required allowing 8 hours between coats. Sand lightly between coats with 240 grit paper.

When the finish appears tired or dull, it's time for a re-coat.

1. Clean with Cabot's Floor Clean following label instructions.

2. Lightly sand with 240 grit paper and remove all traces of sanding dust.

3. Apply 1 - 2 coats of Cabot's Danish Oil following label instructions.


Base colours below are available instore to purchase. From these colour bases, you can tint to 100’s of colours. To view our range, view the colour visualiser.

Natural on Teak
Natural on Rimu
Natural on Spotted Gum

All colours displayed on this page show 2 coats.
Colour varies depending on your timber type.



Available sizes

500 ML

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