Cabot's Stain & Varnish Water Based

Cabot's Stain & Varnish Water Based is a combined stain and varnish for all interior timber. Easy to use and with a durable finish, it protects natural timber grain bringing your wood back to its best. Stain and scratch resistant, it is also low odour and easy to apply. Available in a wide range of timber finishes.
  • Fast Recoat 2 Hours
  • Water Wash Up
  • Areas
    Interior Timber, Doors, Furniture, Trim, Windows
  • Clean Up
  • Sizes
    250ML, 1L
  • Sheen
    Satin, Gloss
  • Coverage
    16 M2/L
  • Recoat Time
    2 Hours
  • Material Data Sheet Gloss
  • Material Data Sheet Satin

Note: Fill nail holes, cracks and other defects with Cabot’s Wood Tone Putty after applying the first coat of this product for accurate colour matching. Remove stains, dirt, wax, grease and oil with mineral turpentine. Remove any polish with a suitable floor polish remover.

Bare Timber Sand the surface smooth using 180 - 240 grit sandpaper. Sand only in the direction of the grain. Remove all traces of sanding dust.

Previously Coated Timber Completely remove the previous coating using a paint stripper or by sanding. Remove all traces of sanding dust.


1. Stir thoroughly with a broad flat paddle until pigment is mixed in and colour is uniform. Keep well stirred during use. If using more than one can, mix all cans together into a larger container to ensure colour uniformity.

2. Apply with a good quality brush or roller.

3. Apply three coats depending on the required depth of colour, allowing 2 hours between coats.

4. For best results, sand between coats using 240 grit sandpaper. COLOUR STRENGTH If the desired colour is achieved after 1 or 2 coats of Cabot's Stain & Varnish Water Based, use Cabot's Cabothane Clear Water Based to complete the 3 coat system.

Regular inspection of all coated surfaces is recommended. Re-coating is recommended when the coating looks dull or tired.

1. Clean with Cabot's Floor Clean following label instructions.

2. Sand with 240 grit sandpaper, remove all traces of sanding dust.

3. Apply 1-2 coats of Stain & Varnish Water Based.


Colour representations in brochures and websites should be used as a guide only for your colour selection due to printing and screen limitations. The actual colour achieved will be influenced by your timber type, tone, grain and application rate. To ensure you achieve the finish you want, we recommend that you test your colour choice at home prior to coating.

Black on Treated Pine
Burnt Gum
Burnt Gum on Treated Pine
Coal on Treated Pine
Crabwood on Treated Pine
Dark Chocolate
Dark Chocolate on Treated Pine
Deep Mahogony
Deep Mahogony on Treated Pine
Hickory on Treated Pine
Indian Tea
Indian Tea on Treated Pine
Jarrah on Treated Pine
Liming White
Liming White on Treated Pine
Maple on Treated Pine
Sutherland Teak
Sutherland Teak on Treated Pine
Vladic Pine
Vladic Pine on Treated Pine
Walnut Brown
Walnut Brown on Treated Pine



Available sizes

250 ML

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